Hey, baby, come up and see my tiger bedspread

Our ongoing exploration of the bizarre furnishings of Beijing apartments has entered what appears to be the “oriental love nest” phase. Surely we must be getting close to the end. Today my eye-sockets were cauterized by this:


As you’d expect along with a tiger bedspread, this apartment also came with a toddler-friendly free-standing glass cabinet full of top-notch imported liquor:


I’m not sure if the liquor was included in the rent. Maybe they would have checked it off when moved out, like a mini-bar. Still, you have to admire the innovative rethink of the old, American “fresh-baked cookies” gambit. Combine a tiger bedspread, glass master-bathroom and liquor supply and you’re damn close to the apartment of China Bounder’s dreams (apropos of this week’s Sinica podcast on the evolution of the China blogging scene). Actually, it was in many ways a very nice apartment. But there’s always that question of the accessories.

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