About Imagethief

outdoorsMy name is William Moss. I’m Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Intel. I work in Santa Clara, California.

In 1995, six months out of graduate school in San Francisco and in the first early blush of the Internet, I moved to Singapore to make massively multiplayer online games. That project was a phenomenal disaster, but also the adventure and learning experience of a lifetime.

In 2004 I quit my perfectly good job in Singapore to move to China, where the action seemed to be. I spent nearly nine years in China doing corporate PR, first in agencies and later in the pre-Google and Lenovo Motorola Mobility. The archives of this blog are largely a product of my years in China, which were never boring.

In early 2013 I moved back to Silicon Valley, where I grew up. These days I feel almost as foreign in the Valley as I did in China. I can be reached at imagethief at gmail. You can also find me on all the usual socials, either as Imagethief or under my real name.

The Fine Print

This is a (mostly fallow) personal blog. By and large, I won’t write about my current or past employers here, and opinions within are my own and not necessarily those of my employer. I sometimes use naughty language. If you wish to visit a site with no naughty language, you can go here. Comments are welcome, but published entirely at my  discretion. Most of this blog is a transplant of prior instances of Imagethief, representing the best of the archives. Comments in older posts did not survive transplant.