What I’m Reading

Blogrolls are completely obsolete, and manually coded ones take constant tending. If you want to know which blogs I like, you can download my OPML file¬†or check out my Google Reader bundles, below. This is actually stuff I read, as opposed to things that people have asked me to link to. Another good way to keep up with what interests me is my Twitter stream (or see the sidebar on the right) and my list of “key people” on Twitter. I also highly recommend Danwei’s list of Model Workers.

My RSS Subscription Bundles:

A Word on Link Exchanges
I am not generally interested in link exchanges. Do you like my site? Link to it! Got something you think I would like? Contact me. If I like it, I’ll subscribe to it, and it will be automatically reflected here. However, if your site doesn’t support RSS or Atom, it’s not going to be listed here, with the very rare exceptions of the propaganda sites at the bottom.

Chinese Propaganda Art Websites
This is an area of personal interest. Special thanks to Stefan Landsberger, the dean of China propaganda poster experts and contributor to one of the most valuable online archives of such images, ChinesePosters.net. I often raid Stefan’s sites for images for blog posts and he has always been most gracious about this. He also kindly sent me a copy of his excellent book, for which I am grateful.

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