Sinica: Muckraking with Chinese characteristics

Another Sinica podcast this week, this time focusing mostly on a favorite topic of mine: Media corruption in China. We were lucky to have Caixin editor Li Xin as a guest. Caixin is one of the handful of Chinese publications that distinguishes itself by its ethics, but her perspective as an experienced Chinese journalist was great to have. Here’s the blurb:

In one of the juicier quotes making the rounds on social networks this week a private equity investor in Shanghai savaged the Chinese media for its unblinking corruption, quipping to the New York Times that “if one of my companies came up with a cure for cancer, I still couldn’t get any journalists to come to the press conference without promising them a huge envelope filled with cash.”

Exactly how bad is this problem and were does it cross the line? This week Sinica dives into the question of how Chinese journalism works in practice with a show that splits cleanly along industry lines. Joining host Jeremy Goldkorn this week and representing the journalism and public relations industries in turn are Sinica friendsLi Xin, managing editor of Caixin magazine, and Will Moss, China PR expert and blogger of Imagethief fame.

Download or stream from the Sinica page, or search Sinica on iTunes to subscribe.

Pony up.

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