An indecent number of things to do in Singapore

I lived in Singapore for so long that I reached that stage where I got completely useless at suggesting to people what they should do in Singapore when they visit. I had a lot of conversations like this:

Friend or relative: “Hey, I’m gonna be in Singapore for a week. What should I do when I’m there?”

Me: “Um. I dunno. Maybe eat, or go to the zoo or some stuff.”

Friend or relative: “Are you on sedatives?”

Maybe I just lack creativity. Anyway, either way, Aimee Barnes, who’s more recently arrived and therefore still has fresh eyes for such things, has published an exhaustive list with many (fifty!) good suggestions. From now on I think I’ll just point people at this. I can vouch for the quality of many of the recommendations, especially on the food front. Also, Aimee’s blog is pretty good for Singapore and China watchers on general principles.

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2 Responses to An indecent number of things to do in Singapore

  1. Aimee says:

    Hey Will, many thanks for the shout out and for linking to my post on fifty things to do in Singapore. Let me know when you’re next in town and we’ll make use of the list!

  2. Will says:

    My pleasure, Aimee. We’ll be there for a couple of weeks over Chinese New Year. Look forward to meeting you in person then, if you’re in town.