PR slime – in color! Imagethief talks PR scandals on BonLive

Last month I appeared on Blue Ocean Network’s “Chinalogue” program along with Alistair Nicholas of AC Capital Consulting to discuss…PR slime! By which the producers of the show meant the recent Mengniu vs. Yili vs. Synutra PR sockpuppet slagfest. The heavy-breathing title of the segment aside, most of the show was a fairly sober discussion of PR ethics in general. The show just got posted to the web. Check it out.

[Note: I've removed the embedded video due to its obnoxious and unkillable auto-play feature. Follow the link above for the video.]

Imagethief previously discussed the PR industry in general and how to get a job in PR with BON alongside the glamorous Ms. Saina Silverman. You can see that show online – part 1 and part 2 – with bonus Imagethief goatee points.

Also, the PR scandal was a recent topic on Sinica. You can check that show out here.

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2 Responses to PR slime – in color! Imagethief talks PR scandals on BonLive

  1. As a recent PR grad from Canada hoping to begin a career in China, I found your discussion both informative and reassuring of overarching ethical practices in this country despite some of the headlining PR fails. It’s great to see the face behind the blog as well. Thanks for sharing. I’m “favoriting” your site as we speak :)

  2. Will says:

    Glad to hear it, and thanks. The ethical issues always come up here. As a PR professional working in China you have to be very clear in your own head where your line is and what kind of practices you will advocate and stand for. If you’ve got that, the rest will follow because you’ll end up working with the right people and for the right clients. Although you might have to argue your case from time to time.