Whatever happened to that Imagethief guy?

So, regular readers will have noticed that posting on this blog has been reduced to approximately zero over the past few weeks. I thought a bit of an explanation was in order, if only to forestall the stampede of people busy deleting the grayed-out “Imagethief” link in their RSS readers.

You can pretty much blame it on the day job. While I started my new gig last May, in the last couple of months it has really accelerated. This is a good thing in one way: There is a lot of extremely cool stuff happening at Motorola right now, and plenty to be done. The down side, however, is that after work and parental responsibilities, I’ve had very little mental energy left over for recreational writing. (On that note, the parental thing has really switched into high gear. Z very recently figured out how to climb out of his crib and last night, for the first time, appeared in our bedroom doorway at three AM wanting to cuddle up with mom and dad. This was novel and cute for ten seconds, and annoying for the next hour as I tried to get him to go back to sleep in his own bed while staring down the barrel of my 6:30AM wakeup. )

The result is that many times, including over the recent holiday, I’ve sat down at the computer all prepared to write the wittiest post ever, and then thought to myself, aw, screw it, I’m going to read a book/watch TV/go for a run/play with my boy/etc. Sorry about that. It’s not that you, the reader, aren’t important to me. It’s just that I wanted to give the six or eight neurons I have left a bit of a break.

The other thing that happened recently was that the server that hosted the old Imagethief site, which had all the posts from 2004 through 2009, blew up. There is a backup somewhere, apparently, but it is not easily accessible and may or may not ever come to light. I have my own offline backup of all the posts from 2004 through 2008, which includes most of the classics, but 2009 may be gone for good. This is not a walloping catastrophe, as I was on blog sabbatical for half of 2009 (and rumor has it that I may still be on that sabbatical). But it nevertheless was a bit of a downer for a variety of reasons. Maybe someday I’ll re-enter all 1,300 old posts into this newer blog. And maybe I’ll carve a perfect copy of Michaelangelo’s “David” out of a twelve foot tall block of Velveeta and express-mail it to the Pope.

Much more likely I will dig out particular posts as I cite them and repost them, and leave the vast majority in the vault.

Before anyone posts comments condemning my blog hosting company, my blog is not hosted by a company. It’s hosted on the servers of a very good friend of mine in the US. He has hosted all my websites, blogs and e-mail for free for sixteen years, while running a variety of tech startups and raising two daughters on the side, and I am nothing but grateful for all his help and free support over the years. I the main, I have nothing to complain about on that front. He has much, much bigger fish to fry at the moment than rescuing a bunch of old blog posts about Mao statues and tainted donkey meat. That was part of the bargain. As Kurt Vonnegut would say, so it goes.

Work promises to continue being crazy, but I’m hoping to at least emerge from the foxhole and cast forth the odd word or two. We’ll see how it goes.


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6 Responses to Whatever happened to that Imagethief guy?

  1. LaoLao says:

    I heard a rumor you were saving it all for a book about Beijing, Blogging, and Babies. :)

  2. Will says:

    Yes. Expected to be published in Spring, 2148.

  3. Joana Riquet says:

    YEY! We missed you!!! I have been checking daily for that kindergarten post…. As a Brazilian in beijing I am too cold and depressed right now and need a ray of sunshine! But no pressure……

  4. Peter says:

    Wow, that’s a relief, I thought you had packed it in…. I think it’s testament to your writing that people still keep checking for posts even after a long break!
    You might be able to get some of your stuff back on internet crawlers like “the way back machine” I did that once when my site blew up!

  5. Will says:

    Thanks, Peter. A solution has already been found, as you will soon read.

  6. Stephen says:

    Remember you’re not alone in this. I mean the 3am thingy, of course.