It’s official: I’m an idiot

Some readers may have suspected as much, but now we have scientific confirmation.

A couple of days ago I moaned about the loss of my 2009 posts, the only year that I didn’t archive before the server hosting the old Imagethief blog blew up. A reader named Abhishek sent me a message to point out that every post back through the birth of Imagethief in 2004 is in Google Reader’s archive. But the fact that his message came to me on Facebook reminded me of something else: Every Imagethief post is automatically imported into my Facebook notes. Sure enough, all of 2009 and a good chunk of 2008 (presumably when I started importing) is all there, ready for me to copy into my offline archives. They’re probably on my LinkedIn profile, too. (Comments posted on the blog, alas, will not have made the transition.)

Sometimes the Internet’s propensity is annoying. On the other hand, sometimes it’s a life-saver.

Thanks, Abhishek!

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