Sinica 7: Schoolyard violence with Chinese characteristics

The latest Sinica podcast is up. In this episode, hosted by Jeremy Goldkorn of, Forbes Beijing bureau chief Gady Epstein, Chinese journalist Qin Liwen and I discuss the recent rash of school attacks in China. It was great to have Liwen on board both because she has recently written about this issue and becase she was a thoughtful addition to our usual lineup of male foreigners. The podcast is available as a direct MP3 download, or through iTunes.

The blurb:

Despite efforts to downplay the story in the face of the Shanghai Expo, news of a recent wave of copycat killings has spread quickly through China, driven in part by the surprising revelation that many of the killers have been middle-aged and apparently well-educated men. Online, some netizens have blamed the government, which in turn blames social contradictions. Writing for the Telegraph, Malcolm Moore summarizes these attacks as a “turning point” created by alienation engendered over the last twenty years of China’s industrialization. Where does the truth lie?

With Kaiser Kuo out of the country, Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei takes up hosting duties this week joined by Sinica regulars Gady Epstein, Beijing bureau chief for Forbes magazine, and China public relations expert Will Moss, whom you may know as author of the popular blog Imagethief. We also have Qin Liwen as a guest in the studio. She is a Chinese author and bookstore owner in Beijing who has written about these killings in the domestic media.

Unfortunately, this is Imagethief’s valedictory performance on Sinica. On Monday, after four and a half months of sabbatical fantasy life, I return to full-time work (in a new job, more on this soon). Sinica tapes on Thursday afternoons, so I will have to pass the torch to those with more flexible schedules than I expect to have. It’s been great fun. Do keep listening.

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