Interesting new blog: Vizualizing China at Chinfographics

I have a soft spot for really cool data visualizations and well-executed infographics. They are often wonderful ways to tell stories or help people truly grasp complex issues or statistics. That’s why I’ve long liked the very cool Information is Beautiful blog (their latest post, visualizing “touristyness”).

Now China might be getting something like that for itself thanks to a new blog called Chinfographics, dedicated to visualizations of things Chinese. They’re off to a good start:

They also provide links to the raw data. I hope they can keep it up. There are obviously many things to be explored in China.

One of the reasons why I like this site, and visualizations and infographics in general, is that I think they’re something that PR departments and agencies are often bad at. We’re in the business of telling stories on behalf of our clients or employers in ways that people can easily relate to. Unfortunately, all too often what we come up with is an impenetrably dull press release or stock photo ops. When we have the right kinds of stories, wouldn’t things like this be much cooler?

Hat tip: Danwei.

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2 Responses to Interesting new blog: Vizualizing China at Chinfographics

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  2. mstrass says:

    Thanks for your posts. You are right (as well as your friend Bob) in that visualizations should be used more in PR & communication but they should be done right too.

    We made a lil error (actually quite big) relying on Illustrator % change of shape only instead of our own calculations. As new bloggers we let it through. It was updated earlier today. We’ll improve.