What the hell is going on at the Global Times?

I’m speechless. (Note: This link has since been killed, but the ones below are still alive.)

Is this a new direction for Chinese soft-power? Does the China Daily know? They may have to get their pseudo-Italian-sex-fiend column or risk being left behind.

More here, if you must.


First, word has it that this was apparently sanctioned as part of the Global Times’ metro desk, which says a lot for the intrepidity of the foreigners currently working there, although not so much about the quality of the editing or the importance of the metro desk.

Second, the Wall Street Journal’s “China Real Time” blog, who’s authors were apparently watching the discussion on Twitter these evening, has just pointed the cannon at this, writing,

We can’t help but doubt that this is actually the voice that China’s internationally ambitious media masters want to project.

Indeed. Once the hijinks are embarrassing the Global Times in the eyes of important foreign media (even uppity, Western media), the editing standards may tighten up a bit. The good news for “Alessandro” is that even if he’s ejected from the Global Times, there will probably be a space in the blogosphere for him, somewhere on the same block as the late Chinabounder.

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6 Responses to What the hell is going on at the Global Times?

  1. What else are you going to tell us about your moonlighting gig?

  2. RSP says:

    short answer to post title: a lot of fun.

  3. whatsis says:

    I can’t believe the WSJ blog would get its panties in a snit about this…Of course it’s not the voice the media head honchos want to project. That’s the point, isn’t it?

  4. themacbeijing says:

    I’ve done feelance work for GT and have seen a steady decline in the papers initial burst of energy and current editorial direction. Currently, I think its terminal. The idea which has been perpetuated by a number of ‘quality’ western papers that GT is a serious voice of the Chinese Government is laughable. One only has to look at the paper as awhole to discount this.

  5. Shannon says:

    The link seems to have been pulled.

  6. zach says:

    You know why this happened? the editors in GT are racist…they sterotyping foreigners to be vulgar and open to extreme OG…
    Haha. you guys should see this coming