Two posts you won’t read

Note: This is cross-posted from the old Imagethief blog. The original post is here.

Imagethief spent the weekend writing two posts about current PR issues (well, one of them was only relatively current). However, after some reflection I’ve decided to kill them both. While they don’t touch directly on work I or my firm is doing in China, they’re both close enough to some areas we are involved in that I felt they risked violating my prohibition on writing about my firm’s clients in this blog.

So why mention this here, other than burnishing my halo and reassuring my boss that I still think about these things?

Because I know I’ve been pretty scarce following the big Google post of a month or so ago, and I wanted to reassure readers that I am, in fact, writing again. In future I’ll try to direct this energy toward writing things I can actually publish. Meanwhile, your continued patience is, as always, appreciated.


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