Is China’s labor shortage turning back my neighborhood death-clock?

Regular readers will know that Imagethief recently griped about the huge (and I mean huge) illuminated sign that recently went up on a neighborhood construction site, counting down the days until the main structure was supposed to be completed. A day or so after it was first lit, I gloated about the sign’s technical glitches, but was soon disappointed by a return to normal service. So it goes. At least, I thought, I know exactly how much longer I’ll have to look at it for.

Or so I thought. When I left on February 11th for my Chinese New Year vacation in Singapore, the sign was at 107 days. When I came back on the 23rd, it was at a roughly correct 95. Today, here is what is says:

108 days left

Houston, we have a problem...

What the hell is this? Did the clowns at sign control (or, worse, the project managers) somehow not factor in the imminent Chinese New Year holiday? Did they suddenly discover that the pipes don’t connect up, or they left the 10th floor out? Or did they find that a bunch of their migrant workers didn’t bother coming back after Chinese New Year? After all, according to the New York Times, that’s something of a problem right now.

Whatever the explanation, that’s another 17 days of the red death-clock glowing into my living room. And that’s assuming more skeletons don’t tumble out of the project management closet over Qingming or May Day or whatever.

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