A bad case of giant sign gremlins

Note: This is cross-posted from the old Imagethief blog. The original post is here.

Honestly, sometimes I think this country is a giant juggernaut that simply can’t be stopped, and other times, well, to keep things polite, I don’t. Yesterday I moaned about the giant sign going up outside my apartment windows. Today, the fates have delivered me some manner of rough justice. After a displaying an obviously tortured attempt at “111″ for most of the day, and then a series of random patterns, this is all that is left of the giant countdown display:


Yes, there is still one tiny, little patch of red at the very lower left of the sign. Pardon the poor quality of the photo, it’s very hazy today.

They may yet get this fixed, and no amount of sign gremlins will prevent the characters from lighting up shortly. But the part of me that revels in schadenfreude (a distrubingly large part) is meanwhile enjoying these technical difficulties.


Fixed, to my great despair.

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