Imagethief digs into PR in China with Blue Ocean Network

Update: Due to the obnoxious autoplay of the two videos, I have removed the embedded versions so as not to drive  people who visit the site rather than using RSS totally insane. You can follow the links in the paragraph below to view parts one and two. -Will

A couple of weeks ago I and Saina Silverman, late of Edelman and now independent, sat down with the online video channel Blue Ocean Network for a discussion about public relations in China. Over the course of an hour we talked with host Caitlin Rhodes about the nature of the industry in China, the kinds of skills people need to do PR in China, whether or not you actually need to speak Chinese, what we look for when we hire or interview people, ethical issues and more. The discussion is now online, in two half-hour segments (part one is more about the state of the industry, perceptions of the industry in China and different kinds of PR companies; part two is more about hiring, skills and what it’s like to work in PR in China). Both segments are also embedded below. They start playing automatically, so if you’re hearing some kind of cacophony, pause part two.

For those disappointed by the sober tone of my recent brief standup for YouKu at Ad:Tech (Kai, I’m talking to you),¬† there is a somewhat higher ratio of Imagethief-style wiseassery in this discussion. But only to a point, as I was in polite company. In retrospect, I should have lost the tie. But I did go out of my way to not wear the same outfit that I wore for YouKu.

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