Why Chi Haotian’s sinister “take over America” plot will come to naught

I actually wrote this as a reply to a comment from Martyn, but in a show of self-contratulatory narcissism, I’ve elevated it to a post. Martyn pointed me at the conspiratorial “Take Over America” speech allegedly made by Chinese Defence Minister, Chi Haotian. (I don’t think Martyn meant me to take it seriously. And, as he pointed out, the original source is an FLG propaganda site, so no agendas there.) Go have a look. It’s good fun. But I warn you, this speech is posted on a white-supremacy website, so take it with a largish cube of salt and don’t go if naked racism or total idiocy offend you. (Of course, if total idiocy offends you, what are you doing reading Imagethief?) Anyway, if you are thick-skinned enough to take it, it’s an entertaining read. Plus, you’ll need some context for the points below.

But the short-version is this:

In a quest for lebensraum for the ever-expanding Chinese race, the Defense Minister proposes an uber-virus genetically engineered to clear out whiteys, thus opening up North America, Canada and Australia for colonization by the Chinese. Somehow, Europe and New Zealand are exempt. I’m not sure why. More socialist, perhaps?

Now, my criticism. Here are the top ten reasons why this is crackpot:

  1. Nuclear weapons. (Yeah, I know this is mentioned in the aricle.)
  2. As everyone knows, the US was first to the table with a racially selective uber-virus in the form of AIDS, so China is just knocking off our ideas yet again (at least, that’s what the conspiracy nuts say). Can they come up with nothing original? I think we should sue. Anyway, the Chinese prototype seems mostly to be killing birds right now. Good try, but wiping out the American Chicken supply might rock our civilization, but I don’t think it will cause collapse.
  3. Anyone who checks a map will see that most of Australia is unliveable desert. If China replaces the entire population of Australia, that will alleviate just .015% of their population problem. Not really the strategic motherlode, if you will.
  4. If the Chinese supervirus just eliminates whiteys (and assuming that covers Jewboys like me), they’ll still have to deal with the Latino majority in California and something over 30 million angry homeboys and girls. I don’t think they’ve fully thought that through.
  5. Nuclear weapons.
  6. If they wipe out America, where will they get all their pirate software from?
  7. Who conducts an super-secret military brainwashing poll on Sina.com? A publicly listed company?
  8. Wouldn’t it be simpler to wait until Americans kill themselves with obesity? Think of the money the Chinese could save! Good lord; do you think “Pringles” are part of the plot?
  9. Nuclear weapons.
  10. The Trilateral commission, the Elders of Zion and the Illuminati have already rumbled this plan and are, no doubt, way ahead of the game.

God bless the Internet for making sure that we have access to high quality information like this. And thanks to Martyn for pointing it out! Not sure how I missed it before.

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